Roy Pearson

My passion is to help people to succeed in all areas of life. I am results focus and thrive on helping people achieve their dreams and goals. As a business coach I work with companies large and small to increase employee engagement, productivity, and ultimately improving the bottom line. One area of specialisation is not-for-profit NGO’s who rely on volunteers to achieve their goals. I am totally committed to seeing real, tangible results for my clients.


I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Certainly learnt more than I expected to, but that probably was due to Roy. Nice guy and I would be happy to do more courses with him.

Roy is a great speaker and motivator, the YB12 programme really works and the results gained are outstanding. the biggest thing I learnt was how to use my mind power to achieve my goals

At the beginning I was sceptical as to the benefits of a coaching programme, but now I’m converted. Roy has rocked my world, literally, I am now achieving more than I ever thought possible.”

YB12 Qualifications

Roy is qualified to train the following parts of the YB12 curriculum;

YB12 Classic Personal Development

YB12 Results for Business

YB12 Total Focus Workshops

About Roy

Roy Pearson is a keen sailor and professional skipper, having purchased his first boat at the age of 9. He has raced yachts around the world, served time as a First Officer onboard a cruise ship, as well as being in charge of the high speed ferries on Auckland's busy harbour. If he is not in the office then there is a good chance that he is at sea. Currently he volunteers as a rescue skipper for the New Zealand Coastguard, and as a skipper for the historic Jane Gifford.

This nautical experience has honed Roy into a capable motivator and leader.

Roy began his teaching career as an instructor for Coastguard Boating Education in 1990, back then he taught boating safety courses and navigation.

At this time Roy enjoyed teaching so much he trained to be a “teaching elder” with the Presbyterian church and in 2002 completed a Bachelor of Ministry (Majoring in Teaching) at Laidlaw College. He went on to complete a Post Grad Diploma of Ministry with Otago University. After being ordained as a parish minister the church saw fit to send Roy and his family
to Vanuatu for 3 years, where he organised and oversaw multiple aid and development projects within the pacific island communities.

Upon his return to New Zealand Roy got straight back into teaching and ministry, serving in parishes in Auckland and Tauranga. Roy’s desire to see people living life to its fullness (John 10:10) saw him research and develop ways and means for everyone to improve their lives.

His passion for boating saw him teaching more and more boating safety courses. This led to a full time teaching position in the largest RYA (Royal Yachting Association) accredited school in New Zealand, Mahurangi Technical Institute. During this time Roy gained a National Certificate in Adult Education and Training.

Roy now combines both his passions, practical boating skills and sound knowledge of the mental and spiritual aspects of life to all his coaching clients. His experience in volunteer based not-for-profit organisations means that Roy understands the unique challenges in this vital sector.

With clients from all business sectors, from large multi-national organisations to small owneroperated businesses, from not-for-profit groups to government departments, Roy has the skills and qualifications to take them all to the next level.

Ernest Hemingway writes in his novel, “The sun also rises”
“Don’t you ever get the feeling that all your life is going by and your not taking advantage of it?”

Take advantage of all life has to offer, and more, talk to Roy today.

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